Monday, July 23, 2012

Dream and Reality

This is the post that I promised! I'm sorry for the late post and stuff. I have been busy. What am I doing these few weeks? It's a secret....

I'm just kidding.. people.

I have been busy studying. Yes, studying about design and fashion. Sigh, I kinda hate talking about this but you guys are what keeps me going. It kinda makes me feel better just sharing it with you guys. :)
I was supposed to study in Singapore. Yeah, that small sunny island near Malaysia. I have enrolled for the class in Raffles Design Institute to study Graphic Design. Due to some complications, I cannot study there. Sigh. My parents has forbid me to study there. I guess they have their own reasons. I won't question them any further. Although I am devastated. I am also devastated by the fact that my close friends are going overseas to study which I mentioned in my previous post. Anyway, my parents has decided to enroll me to Bunka instead. It's some kind of a subsidiary of the famous Bunka Fashion College( But the counterpart located in Indonesia is not exactly a college but it will suffice. As a child, I cannot be ungrateful towards my parents. So I did not complain and gladly accepted their decision.

When I was enrolled to Bunka, I had mixed feelings. I was a bit sad and at the same time a bit cheered up. I was sad because I cannot enroll to Raffles Design Institution. I was cheered up because it made me realize, I could learn how to make clothes. Basically I could be making pieces for my outfit in the future. Life does give you choices. I can't be sad forever, right? So far, my life in Bunka has been quite wonderful although I might be progressing rather slowly(blame my silly fingers). One thing I notice is that Bunka does have its share of design student from other schools. It does have its own share of fashion bloggers too.

Anyway, Thank you guys for being here always. It made feel better.

This won't be a fashion blog without some outfit photos, right guys? :P
So here we go!

Blazer - ZARA, Lace Top - Banana Republic, Short - Pull and Bear, Handmade Detachable Collar, Ring - Topshop, Bag- LV, Shoes - Everbest

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