Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witch In The Crescent Halloween

 So for this year's halloween, I dressed up as a witch. But I didn't look so scary lol. Before Halloween I was working for my halloween print tee design. I made two halloween tee design. You can see it in my instagram here. Oh, have you realized it yet? The post title is my acronym for WITCH. :p

On Halloween, I went to mall dressed up as a witch with my friend. We took pictures with some of the contestants from Halloween Costume Competition which was held in EX. At night, we went to a new restaurant which is located in Plaza Indonesia called MOOVINA. I will make a review for this restaurant soon

As you may have know, I'm busy with my design assignments. But mostly, I'm busy making decisions whether I should go to college or start my own brand next year. If I pick college I need to choose again where and which college to go to. If I choose to make my own brand and start working I don't know where to start. Even though I have connections to some famous designers, I don't want to start like that. I want it all from zero, from crazy hardwork and make it to the top. But I still haven't decide yet. Give me suggestions anyone? :(
Anyway I was featured in Dresscode Magazine, you can see the screenshot on my featured page here.

See more pictures of my halloween night on my facebook page: Petiteness by Cathy [like is very much appreciated]

How's your halloween? What costume you're wearing? Tell me all about it in the comment below ;)
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