Saturday, June 22, 2013


White Cardigan | Cutout Flower Top - Topshop | Shorts - Calvin Klein | Stocking - Royal Toxic Shop | Bag - I Love Fashion Paris | Shoes - Piero Lunardi | Spike Bracelet, Neon Cross Bracelet, Thunder Ring - Royal Toxic Shop
This is the outfit that I wore to Odysseia[check my review here] last week. I was feeling quite 'neon' that day. Don't forget to mention the flower details on my Topshop top too. I found this old flower top at my old house and decided to wear it to Odysseia. Mix and match it with my white cardigan and Calvin Klein shorts which I found too simple, hence I added an extra pixie dust to my outfit which is my black heart stocking from Royal Toxic. Lastly, I bestowed my outfit with my super comfy Piero Lunardi wedges.

Anyway, my lovely Anastasia from sent me this via email a few days ago. An artwork for me! Yeay! Thank you, darling! Much love.


  1. So pretty! love the color combination :)

  2. loving the cutout detail on the blouse!

  3. cute bag <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa

  4. so pretty!! I love the cutout dress so much :D
    btw, I'm following you now, hope you can follow me back please? thanksss ^^

    cheer, michelle

  5. love your bag, its cute and bright colouur :D

  6. you're so cute!! love your bag&top:))


  7. you are sooo pretty here, Cathy =)
    i love your hair bun style with the summer look !!

    btw, this is the 1st time i visit your blog,
    following you now as a jagger friend =D


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