Wednesday, August 14, 2013


KENZO held an event called "KENZO Studio Store Bloggers and Media Gathering". When I reached there, there were only a few people since I came too early. I took a peek inside and was amazed by how they decorated the entire store. Just as soon as you stepped inside the store you will see a slideshow of pictures decorated with KENZO prints. You can pose and take pictures in their studio store and decorate it with KENZO prints too since they have arranged everything. You can also style your own outfit using KENZO's apparels and take pictures at their studio store. Awesome right?! They also provided us with food and drinks. Anyway, I was too shy so I asked my friends to take picture with me at the studio store instead of doing it alone. Nevertheless, the show was a blast and I love how kind their employees are! Definitely a great experience♥

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  1. wow seems like it was a great event! loving kenzo prints<3

  2. cathh you look so pretty! x3

    cheer, michelle

  3. Great photos! Love your look :D

  4. Looks so fun!!! Love your outfits, cath <3333



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