Monday, September 23, 2013


Hi guys, INFARE GARAGE MARKET has officially finished! Thank you for those who came and shop for charity! It means a lot for the people in need. 40% of each booth will be donated to an orphanage. It feels good to help those in need :). Also, I got the chance to meet these awesome fashionista peeps! Though I didn't get the chance to talk to those who were far away from my booth. Nevertheless, it was a fun event and a great experience for me. I hope we will meet again soon!! Here are some pictures from Day 1 & Day 2. I will update more pics later. I'm going to have my fashion design test soon so wish me luck!!

Jacket - H&M, Cat Sweater - H&M, Galaxy Skirt - Singapore, Socks - Topman, Shoes - Vintage Louis Vuitton
Sorry for my tired face in all the pictures!
*credits: cathsoepadhi, elena putri, margareta vania, vania aprilia


  1. the event looks so fun! too bad i cant go there :"

  2. Ah, it was a shame i couldn't come to the event..huhu..i was pretty exhausted and busy that time..i hope we can meet again someday...:)


  3. you look so cute, love your outfit! xx

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