Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Jacket - it Michaa, Tiger shirt - Sis's, Lace Legging - MYTHIFY, Bag - Burberry, Shoes - Sarah Summer
These days true friends are hard to find. So keep your loved ones close. You will never know who might betray you and talk about you behind your back. Just a reminder since I've been through this problems a lot. Sigh. That's why I chose to close my heart and never trust anyone again :D. Its better like that because no one can hurt me now. Don't tell secrets to anyone since when they leave, they will either spread your secrets or spread all bad rumors about you which are all bullshit. But then again, haters make us stronger so keep smiling and enjoy your wonderful day! Don't let opinions of others consume you! Stay positive and keep roaring.

On the contrary, I'm participating in a charity based event called INFARE GARAGE SALE. I will be selling my preloved items from branded to non branded stuffs. The event is located at FX Sudirman from 21-22 Sept 10AM-10PM. 40% will be donated for charity :). Save the date!
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