Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dark Purple Clip

How I wish that this hair clip is my real hair. Today I will make a review about my sponsored Lookdeloopshop's Dark Purple Ombre Hair Clip! Wondering why I choose dark purple instead of other colors? Well, because it suits my hair more than the other color, I think. I was in a dilemma whether I should choose dark purple or tosca since I like both blue and purple color. I asked my friend's opinion and she said that I should choose the dark purple one so I decided to choose the dark purple hair clip. I have always wanted to color my hair but my parents won't let me, this is why the hair clip is so useful since now I can see myself with colored hair even though its just at the bottom :p
The package has arrived!!
Inside the package *__*
Look at the color omg so pretty *drooool
My hair with the dark purple hairclip!
Shop: Lookdeloopshop
Product: Hairclip
Name: Ombre Hairclip Dark Purple
Price: IDR 145.000
Length: 40-50cm

About the product:
The hair clip is made of Seven7 high temperature fiber with no glue, no sewing, no chemicals. This hair clip can be curled by a curling iron or tong to up to 180°C max. The hair clip adds volume and length to your original hair making it look more fabulous. High durability hair extensions that can be used again and again. And of course, totally safe for your hair.

Taken with phone camera. See how the hair clip blends with my real hair?
Took this picture using phone camera.
I really like the quality of the hair clip. The hair clip is so soft and thick. It matches well with my hair. Lookdeloopshop sells many hair clip with or without ombre so if you don't want an ombre hair clip you can buy their original hair clip! Oh, they also sell bangs or fringe clip which is so convenient for people like me because I'm so lazy to straighten my bangs XD. And you know what? All their products are ready stock so you don't have to wait! Go and browse their products now by following their instagram: @lookdeloopshop

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