This is Cathy speaking. Let me say hello to you all.

an insecure teen with a wild spirit
geeky nerd.
in love with fashion
definitely a petite.
and oh, she's a bit clumsy and weird.
She is shy and awkward. You might think she is rude since she won't speak much as she is shy around new people. She loves to lament about everything and she likes photography too.

Petiteness; Petiteness [pəˈtiːt nəs] contains stories and pictures of an insecure petite girl with her messy wavy hair and her personal style outfits. A petite girl just living in her own little world. A girl who is insignificant to the world and yet trying to inspire people around her.
Petiteness is a fashion blog made by a petite young girl who is trying her best to survive in this cruel world. Her name is Cathy; born on September 1st. She doesn't have a particular style, a slacker and quite quirky in a way. Her friends call her the "poker face" as she has Alexythimia, the inability to express feelings or emotions. Like a wild spirit being caged inside a small body, she rebels againts the norm and rules alike. Loves to write in Shakespeare-an language, a language that best explains her. Hard to understand, requires effort to express, and yet full of expressive thoughts. She dress-up hazardly. Struggles to have her sweet freedom, but willing to sacrifice for it.
Petiteness used to be Toxic Valentine till early 2012. This blog has gone M.I.A for quite some time and now is back bigger and better. Not as famous as other Indonesian bloggers, still trying to be successful like them.

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